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Rapid Prototyping

We offer prototyping services to help you speed up the product development process. We can simply be your printing service, or we can take you from a napkin sketch to a fully developed product.

Online 3D Printing

We have pre-made designs available on our online store. Don't see something you want, let us know and we can design it!

Design Services

If you have an idea for a thing - just about anything - we can help you get your design in your hands, literally. We use state of the art 3D modeling and both additive and subtractive manufacturing to bring your dreams to life.

CNC Milling and Laser Etching

On top of 3D printing, we also offer CNC milling and laser cutting/etching. We offer a wide range of materials for your projects, like wood, leather and glass.

"Just push print"

Shawn Bocketti

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